Chief Instructor - 9th Degree Black Belt


Master Carvalhais began his Okinawan Karate training at the Hombu School
in Kearny, NJ and achieved his Black Belt in early 1970's. Master Carvalhais
has been teaching martial arts consistently for over 30 years, first at the
Hombu school at Kearny under the direction of Grandmaster Al Gossett,
and subsequently at the Ironbound Karate School, Newark, NJ since 1980
until now. Throughout the years, Master Carvalhais has produced outstanding
and well-qualified students and Black Belts, many of which have
gone on to compete on the national tournament circuit. Master Carvalhais was
inducted into the 1998 Garden State Games Hall of Fame (Mel Klein), and
the American Okinawan Karate Association Hall of Fame in 1999. He is an
avid self defense practitioner and has consistently trained in Karate, Kobudo,
Jujitsu, and recieved advanced training in the Brazilian Ju-Jitsu style. He has
directed many workshops / seminars within the association. From traditional
karate, Brazilian Ju-jitsu techniques, self-defense, and kumite clinics, he serves
as an inspiration for his students.
Master Carvalhais holds certification as a Cardio-Karate Instructor through
NAPMA, and has maintained active membership with MAIA.

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